THE 2021 FESTIVAL was a huge success.

After the tribulations of Covid cancelling the 2020 festival, audiences were happy to return to hear live music. 

There were many highlights in the November week: perhaps the most moving was the Memorial Concert for Steve Dumpleton

performed by his clarinet quartet, Black Velvet.

The concert was recorded and a link to one of the new works will be provided here once it is uploaded onto youtube.


Details of the 2022 festival will be publicised here once the concerts have been decided. 


Meanwhile the Delphi Trust is well aware of the hardship being suffered by many in our large network of musicians: so the Trust has launched its Home to Home Project. This matches a composer (paid to write a new work at home) to a performer (paid to record the new work at home) whilst venues were remaining closed and income from live performances restricted.

The pre-pilot programme demonstrating what is possible included this from two of the festival's favourite artists: violinist Tamaki Higachi and violist Carmen Flores.



Shoppers with Amazon can nominate the Delphi Trust to receive small contributions (that add up eventually)  using as the shop entrance


DOWNLOAD THE 2021 FESTIVAL BROCHURE HERE ...   St Andrews music festival 2021 pdf